September 25, 2014

The Sea Breeze Cocktail

The Sea Breeze is the cocktail of summer. It is usually consumed when the weather is hot. This refreshing drink will make you crave for more. Try it out:



What you will need:

4 ml Vodka

12ml Cranberry Juice

3ml Grapefruit Juice



September 24, 2014

The Christmas Beer / Grena Beer

Although not as popular as other cocktails. The Christmas Beer / Grena Beer is a simple mixture of Beer and Grenadine for that sweet beer taste. A definitely must try concoction, spice up your guest's drink by adding grenadine. Just a d...

September 21, 2014

The Rainbow Shot


Mixed Mobile Bar's Rainbow shot is a best seller. The presentation attracts the guests and the taste is amazing. You can try making this extraordinary shot at home, here's what you will need.


What you'll need:

0.5ml Blue Curacao

1ml Vodka


September 20, 2014

The Perfect Screwdriver Recipe

The Screwdriver is one of the simplest drink you can make. And it tastes extremely good. But let's add some twist to the mixture. Here's the recipe:


What you will need:

4ml Vodka

Orange Juice (Better if fresh)

Lime juice (Optional)

Orange peel...

September 19, 2014

The Black Russian

Black Russian is a man's drink. It's hard just the way a man wants it. Its addicting and we are sure you will have another round. Here's the recipe:


What you will need:


4 ml Vodka

2 ml Coffee Liquer (Kahlua)



In an old fashioned glass with ice...

September 18, 2014

How to pour a wine like a professional

Serving wine requires professionalism. Guests and customers have their eyes on you on how you do it. It became a custom that wine serving must be served in an elegant manner. Here are some tips.


1. Wipe the bottle first with...

September 16, 2014

The Perfect Tequila Sunrise Recipe



Tequila Sunrise has been popular since way back. Not only does it tastes good, the presentation is alluring. Consuming a Tequila Sunrise is the perfect way to relax. The recipe is common, but you can add some twist to it. Here's our...

September 13, 2014

A Perfect Margarita Recipe

The Margarita probably has been the most popular cocktail drink so far. When it comes to taste, it truly stands out and defines cocktails. It has many variations in recipe, but we found this one to be one of the best.


What you will need...

September 9, 2014

The Caipirinha

Caipirinha might not be so popular here in the Philippines, but it's famous around the world. In fact, it is Brazil's national cocktail. It bares resemblance to the common Daiquiri. But it is made of Cachaca, a hard liquor made from sugar cane which is...

September 8, 2014

The Ultimate frozen Mojito Recipe

No one beats the classic Mojito. But for some, they want to go for it blended. Many bars today offer unlimited blended mojito and people love it. Heres a perfect recipe for it. For this one, you can take away soda for a fuller taste.

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