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How to talk to girls at the Bar

How to talk to girls at the Bar


Advice 1: Talk to girls who are alone or a group of three girls. You can have great conversation with a lone girl ask her out but two girls will never leave each other. If you do much better with group conversation, approach three girls. Have a great show, catch their smile and one girl can always leave the two girls to join you.

Advise 2: You can always use "Can i buy you a drink?" But don't over do it. You don't want her to be dizzy and find the conversation drowsy. But this depends on the girl, some girls love to drink a lot.

Advise 3: If you approach two girls, be sure to entertain your "non-target" first. going for your target girl from the very start makes you look rude in the eyes of both of them.

Advise 4: Be casually funny, a lot of people know you have to be funny. But it must be natural and smooth. Don't over react and don't do ridiculous stunts. Stay with the funny but masculine image.

Advise 5: If you are not used to talking to girls, you can start with this, don't have a purpose. I mean talk to her without the goal of getting her number, being her boyfriend or taking her home etc. This way, the nervousness goes away. Just be friendly and talk to her because you are bored. Your hidden goals will just emerge when you become more comfortable enough already with the conversation.

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