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The original and leading mobile bar since 2009! One of the pioneers of the mobile bar industry, having catered to over 10,000 events! Our expertise guarantees professional bar service, captivating bar set-up, luscious quality drinks and a fun drinking experience. All aiming to give


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Mobile Bar Philippines

TV5 Guesting

             Mixed Mobile Bar started in 2010 to fulfill a growing need for enjoyable party drinks and bartending services in events. Throughout the years, the company aimed to be the top service provider of mobile bar in the Philippines by focusing on customer’s satisfaction. We have catered to more than a thousand of events - debuts, weddings, parties, company events etc. - all throughout Metro Manila and all over Luzon. ,  We are composed of 50 team members, all of whom are professionals from HRM, Catering Industry, Restaurant Industry etc. Mixed Mobile Bar is regarded not just a business but also an inspiration to provide full- time and part-time jobs and to offer training and experience to bartending enthusiasts.


          In Mixed Mobile Bar, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We believe that team work and excellent customer service are significant in delivering an outstanding service. We treat our customers with honesty, respect and right consideration.


But most of all, we mix the best drinks and give the best drinking experience! And this we promise!

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