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Mobile Bar Philippines
Php 8,500 only (consumable drinks)
1. Two (2) Male Professional Bartenders
2. 1 Portable warm white lighted mobile bar (or a choice of blue or pink upon request), accessories and ice supply
3. Consumable cocktails and shooters to be served within five (5) hours of open bar.
4. 12 choices of drinks , up to 100 servings of cocktails and 200 servings of shooters.
​Note: Drinks may be converted to all cocktails (200 servings) OR all shooters (500 servings)
COCKTAIL CHOICES: Margarita, Mojito, Mango Sling, Chocotini, Screwdriver, Blue Hawaii
SHOOTER CHOICES: Blowjob, Melon Ball, Jelly shots, Summer shot, Daiquiri, Rainbow Shot
5.  Drinks are served using the appropriate glassware and garnishes
FREE use of laser lights
FREE service of client's liquors (within 5hrs service)
FREE Bar games (Optional) - Beer bong tubes, Beer Pong table, drinking games



Additional 100 servings of cocktails +P2000
Additional 100 Servings of shooters +P1200
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