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Hidden Benefits of Beer

Beer is not always bad for you. In fact, when consumed right, it has some benefits. Some of which are as follows:

1. Decreases Cardiovascular disease

Believe it or not, moderate drinking (1 bottle beer w/ 5% alcohol) can decrease risk of heart disease according to new studies. However, drinking too much will have an opposite effect.

2. Confidence

A certain study found that people who drank a bottle of beer before they deliver of speech had more confidence than those who didn't. Also, ever consumed a bottle of beer before speaking to a girl? You get the picture.

3. Reduces Carcinogens in food

Using Beer as marinade on meat removes 70% of carcinogens according to a Portugese study. Might as well try this one and see if it also tastes good.

4. Brain food

A bottle a day is known to prevent Alzheimer's disease and can reduce the risk of stroke according to some studies. However, too much drinking can lead to stroke. Keep it in moderation.

Aug 4, 2014

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