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How To Make a Philippine Mojito

Mobile Bar Philippine Mojito

The Mojito is one of the most famous cocktail here in the Philippines. Clients of Mixed Mobile Bar order it a lot! It is loved by all guests, its taste suits the Filipino palate. Although this cocktail comes in many different variations with different flavors, nothing beats the Classic Recipe. Here in the Philippines, do you know that you can make a Filipino version of this fine cocktail? Thanks to our native Philippine lime which is the Calamansi and our local Tanduay white rum, we have our own version too! Here's how you make a Philippine Mojito.


6 - 8pcs large Calamansi

Sprigs of Mint Leaves

40ml Tanduay White Rhum

2 teaspoons of sugar

soda water (Use Sprite if soda water unavailable)


  1. On a tall glass, Put the sprigs of Mint leaves, 2 teaspoons of sugar and squeeze in 6pcs of large Calamansi.

  2. Mix gently with a a bar spoon, allowing the flavor of the mint leaves to infuse throigh the ingredients.

  3. Add the 40ml Tanduay Rum. You can use any rum brand that you like but it ain't the Philippine Mojito if it's not Tanduay!

  4. Add in lots of big chunks of crushed ice.

  5. Top with soda water or Sprite!

  6. Garnish with mint and Calamansi slice of top!!

Viola! There you have a perfect Philippine Mojito to sip on a Friday night!


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