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9 things you shouldn't do when you are drunk!

9 things you shouldn't do when you are drunk!


Even if you are not in full control of your actions when you got drunk, just try not to do these things and tomorrow will be a bright day.

1. Have a personal and emotional conversation with a friend

So you got secrets? Well say good bye to them. Because on the next day, chances are a lot of people will know them. Keep your mouth shut and just talk about what's happening in the party.

2. Txting your crush

You think your confidence will be to your advantage? No it won't be. You will sound like a moron. And you will say things that you will regret the day after. Just focus on something else.

3. Txting you ex

This is even worse than number 2. Don't be a loser and preserve your pride.

4. Drunk driving

Please, just don't drive when your world is spinning. Major road accidents happen in a blink of an eye. Sober up a little bit. Or have someone to drive you home. Better safe than sorry.

5. Get into a fight

When you're drunk, liitle misunderstandings seem so big for you. Stay calm and solve problems verbally. Your confidence to pick up a fight might be high but with your head being dizzy, you don't stand a chance. You might end up with a black eye. Also, pick a fight with anyone except the bouncer.

6. Don't be so flirty

Being flirty might end up doing things you will regret the next day. Try to socialize normally and observe limitations.

7. Searching someone in twitter

When you are drunk, the difference between the words "search" and "tweet" are slim.

8. Bad habits

When you are drunk, people tend to pressure you to do things you are not accustomed doing. Be it cigarettes or drugs, stay away.

9. Having a lengthy chat with a person who is not drunk.

Unless you are talking to your friends (who are drunk also), try not to chat with a person who didn't drink. Your speech is slurry and it sounds obvious that you're drunk and that's embarassing. Worst case if you talk to your crush, lack of discipline is written all over you.

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