Whisky 101: Basic knowledge about whiskey that every drinker should know

August 14, 2014

Whisky 101

Basic knowledge about whiskey that every drinker should know


1. Bourbon VS Rye

 Both differs on how it is prepared - the casks used for aging, the ingredients etc. In terms of flavor, rye has this fruity spicy flavor while bourbon is much more sweeter. Rye is also lighter than Bourbon.


2. Difference between all the labels

Johnny Walker is the most popular here in the country and it has a lot of kinds via "labels". The main difference is the blend. Johnny walker wiskeys are blended whikeys (mixture from different kinds of distilleries). They also differ in terms of age.


3. Whisky VS WhiskEy

It's both acceptable.


4. How to drink it

Experts drink it neat (with no ice). But the flavor can be distinguished if you have it with water or ice and let it melt. Both ways are acceptable. Drink it in a whiskey glass or rock glass.

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