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The Great Filipino Bartender

The Great Filipino Bartender


Bartenders play a major role in a night's party. They are to be treated as main figures in the bar area. Filipino bartenders are not so different with their foreign bartender counterparts you see in series, movies, youtube etc. - same skill set, same moves, flair, style and smile.

Maybe the real difference is how they earn. In other countries, a bartender's tip can be higher than his daily salary, Foreign bartenders make a living through tips while Filipino bartenders count tips as an extra reward for a job well done. Actually it's all in the culture, customers in the US tips the bartender as mandatory. That is why luck is with the bartender who works in bars situated in tourist spots (Malate, Makati, Subic area, beach areas etc.).

They can expect huge tips. But gaining tips depends on how the bartender carries him/herself. He/She must be lively and be a sensible conversationalist. Well most Filipinos have no problems with that one.So next time your bartender prepares your cocktail in an extraordinary way, tip him. Those flair tricks aren't gained within a day. :)

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