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Bar Terminologies: Must know for drinkers

Bar Terminologies: Must know for drinkers

Here some bar terminologies you must know as a drinker.

1. "Straight up" or "up" - drink is served in a stem glass with NO ICE after it is shaken or stirred with ice.

2. "Neat pour" or "served neat" - liquor served from bottle to glass with NO ICE is termed as neat. It is not shaken with ice and served in room temperature.

3. "On the rocks" - drink is poured on top of a glass with ice. Usually served in a rock glass.

4. "Rail drinks" or "well drinks" - liquors that are cheap or inexpensive.

5. "top of shelf" or "call" drinks - Premium liquors that are expensive. These are the liquors that the bartenders are trying to upsell when you order a cocktail.

6. "Chaser" - a drink that is consumed immediately after a hard drink to ease your feeling.

7. "Build" - term used on the make of a drink.

8. "dash" - a small amount of an ingredient, around 1/4 sec pour.

9. "Virgin" - a non alcoholic version of a drink,

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