Basic Bartending Equipment for Beginners

Basic Bartending Equipment for Beginners

Whether for fun or for professional use, learning how to mix cocktails is fun. Here are some bartending essentials you need to get you started.

1. Cocktail Shaker

Most of the time, this is where your ingredients go in for a shake. Cocktail shakers have three types - boston, cobbler and french. For beginners, you should pick up a cobbler. If you choose a boston or a french, you must buy a strainer also.




2. Jigger

This is where you measure your ingredients. Through time and experience, you won't need this. You can always free pour. But for now, you do.

3. Bar Spoon

Bar spoon has tons of uses in the bar. It can be used for stirring, layering, muddling etc. Make sure you have one.

4. Muddler

Occasionally, there are some ingredients that you need to muddle. Do it in a professional way and use a muddler.


Lemon Squeezer / juicer

Juice containers


ice scooper

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