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The Classic Margarita

The Classic Margarita


Margarita, is one of the most popular cocktail drink ever introduced. Most people know it by taste and almost all people know it by name. Every bar has its own recipe and tt comes in different flavors, mostly fruity flavors. But nothing beats the Classic Margarita. Yes, it's addictive. Just the thought of that cocktail flowing down through that salted rim of the glass makes you want one no matter the price.Well luckily, you can have your unlimited margarita with a mobile bar. Or you can make one at home.

Here's the original recipe of the Classic Margarita:

7 parts Tequila

4 parts Triple Sec or Cointreau

3parts Fresh Lemon / Lime juice

Drops of sugar syrup (Optional)

Salted Rim

Mixed Mobile Bar


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