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Top 5 Cocktails for your Ladies

Top 5 Cocktails for your Ladies

1. Cosmopolitan

Often called "Cosmo", this cocktail is by long tradition, a ladies drink. Appealing for its pink color, there's nothing more hot than seeing a girl with a cosmo. The ingredients are vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and triple sec. It became popular in the "Sex and the City" series.


2. Lucky lemon Seven

Who wouldn't want a classic lemonade cocktail. This one is just mild, just the ladies want it. Ingredients include lemon, 7 up / Sprite and vodka. Sugar is optional.

lucky l.jpg

3. Red Velvet

Ladies like their coffees. Make this cocktail with the twist of coffee. Ingredients include pink chccamagne, beer, espresso and a twist of orange.

red velvet.jpg

4. Classic Mojito

Everyone loves it. Specially the girls. You can never go wrong if Mojito is your choice. It looks good and it tastes good. Classic ingredients are: Mint leaves, Lime / lime juice, rum, sugar, soda water.


5. Strawberry Daiquiri

Oh we love this one. Rich strawberry flavor daiquiri, it is a bes seller in bars and restaurants. All the girls will surely love it. Just add strawberries or strawberry syrup to your classic daiquiri recipe.


Aug 16, 2014

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