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How to play the Beer Pong Table

How to play the Beer Pong Table

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Beer Pong tables has become a popular trend for parties. It's fun and easy to play. All you need is a long table, ping pong ball and some cups and you're good to go.

The Set Up

Ideally, each player will have 6 - 10 cups half filled with beer and arranged into a triangle set up at the end of the table. One cup filled with water is set aside for washing the ball each turn.

How to play

The goal is to put the ping pong ball inside the cups of your opponent either by bouncing or throwing. If the ball shoots into the opponent's cup, he/she will have to drink the beer inside it. When all of your opponent's cup is consumed, you win! If it's a pretty close game, expect to be dizzy by the end of the game!

Whether you have a party or you just want to have some fun, playing beer pong is an exciting experience. Now get your beer pong skills ready have some fun!

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