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Cocktails everyone should know

Cocktails everyone should know


1. Margarita

The classic Margarita is a must know. It could be shaken or blended. Some bars specialize at their own Margarita recipes. Ingredients include lime / lemon juice, triple sec or cointreau, tequila. It can also have a different flavor, throwing in strawberries etc.

2. Mojito

Everyone loves Mojito, but this one is tricky to prepare. You can muddle the mint leaves or not, or tear it or crush it as you shake, depending in your personal preference. Sprite can substitute soda water if your out of budget. Ingredients include fresh lime / lime juice, mint leaves, sugar syrup / sugar, rum, soda water.

3. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise looks like a sunrise literally. Its one of the most famous and presentable cocktails. Mix tequila and fresh orange juice in glass with ice. Dash with grenadine to achieve that sunrise effect. As you drink it, you can mix it up to form an orange cocktail but initially, it is meant to be served looking like a sunrise.

4. Zombie

Zombie is one of the cocktails with many variations. But we find this simple recipe as the best. White rum, dark rum, dash amaretto, dash grenadine, orange juice and pineapple juice. You will be walking like a zombie anytime soon.

5. Martini

Classy and sophisticated. Martini is made with gin and vermouth, served in a martini glass and garnished with an olive or lemon wheel.

- Mixed Mobile Bar Philippines


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