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How to pour wine like a professional

How to pour a wine like a professional


Serving wine requires professionalism. Guests and customers have their eyes on you on how you do it. It became a custom that wine serving must be served in an elegant manner. Here are some tips.

1. Wipe the bottle first with a clean cloth

Before serving, wipe the bottle with a clean cloth to show to the guests that its clean and dry.

2. Peel out the wrap of the bottle neck

Make sure the wrap isnt somewhere near the opening of the bottle

3. After removing the cork, wipe the bottle's lip

Wiping the bottle's lip makes sure there is no dust or cork residue in there.

4. Let the wine glass sit at the table

Don't hold the glass while pouring, let it sit on the table

5. Hold the wine bottle with two hands while pouring

Holding the bottle with two hands will show how delicate it is

6. Pour slowly, 5 inches above the bottom of the glass

Pour it slowly in an elegant way, this is not a beer.

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